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We train using positive-reward based methods and have proven success over and over again! This ranges from resource guarding dogs all the way to dogs with a bite history! We also offer 1-1 in person training packages and online coaching ranging from guiding you through raising a puppy all the way to complex behavioural issues.

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At Elite Dog Training we always aim to teach owners to become personal trainers for their Dog! We train the person and coach the Dog. 

That's me, Alex
About Me

From a young teenager I have always been around dogs and loved them. The little dude below Scooby was the first ever dog in the family. Reactive on leash, resource guarding, demanding, no recall. Banned from group/puppy classes. 

Essentially a waste of pennies. Through my own research I developed and understanding of his issues and began to address them.

In short, I achieved a Dog that I could walk without reaction, trying to bite me etc.

Scoobs has passed over rainbow bridge in 2022 but I wish I did more for the little dude.

Therefore, I have dedicated my later life to helping others with their dogs to prevent the same happening to them!


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Unlock your dog’s potential with Elite Dog Training! We are equipped to handle any challenge, regardless of your dog’s size or behavioral issues. We guarantee effective, personalised solutions that bring out the best in your canine companion.

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